Monday, June 24, 2013

If You Find Me

By Kristen

Well...Let's just say...I've been lazy and not wanting to go onto my computer and well I'm doing it now so....

If You Find Me

Loved it.  So much.  Even though I think there should be another book, like a sequel, but who knows.  Maybe Emily Murdoch is writing another novel.  I would definitely read it, no questions asked.  Reaction to this: EEPPPP CARRIE AND RYANNNNN.  I wish I could tell how they met and all but then that would freaking spoil it :| cuz he's a big part of the second half of the book.  Delaney is a !#$%& but it all gets better in the end.

I mean they become friends and all...And then Carrie and her sister, Janessa (don't worry this won't give anything away) live in a camper in the middle of the woods, but that changes in the first chapter, lucky, kind of for them.

It's like living out of civilization for years and years ant then moving back to society: high school, people, shopping and other stuff like that.  So Read this Book!!!!!!!!!!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones comes out in August! So excited! Divergent is being filmed!!! TFiOS Is gonna be a movieeeeeeeeee!


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