Friday, May 10, 2013


By Kristen


MY STRIKE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!  I'm wondering how Nora's three posts were.  I should explain why I was striking sooo here it goes: Nora was "busy" like three weeks ago and did no posting when she was supposed to :P So I promised her that I would not post until she did the three she owed me.  And she did, eventually, x) so every thing's all good now.

Ohmigod, Lena.  Honestly, I wish Lauren Oliver continued from where she left off in Pandemonium, but as I read, I decided against that.  BECAUSE IN PANDEMONIUM, AT THE END LENA FINDS OUT THAT ALEX IS NOT DEAD AT ALL.  And then she's all caught up with Julian (I mean, I don't hate him, but still.  Lena and Alex are so perfect together and I'm dying to see the show!  And that had NOTHING to do with Lena and Alex being the perfect couple.)
But then there's like so much tension between Lena and Alex and Alex and Julian and Oh My Goshness.  It so sad when Lena goes up and scare a bear away and Alex is all like "Oh, the Lena I know would be scared" and then he . Just.Walks.Away.From.Her.  And then there's Coral and something she says to Lena about Alex (Don't worry, it's not a bad thing!)  And then now, moving on so...
I read this book like a month before it came out (thanks to Nora getting the ARE, Advanced Reader's Edition, which is not fair to some people but her mom works for Random House).  I heard that they were changing the ending and I think Nora said the only thing they changed is Julian is shirtless or something like that...  BUT THE ENDING.  I WAS SO happy on page 248 (I'm pretty sure, and yes, I am aware that I remembered the page number) because I can't say so asdghjkawdgnkihl that's as close as it's going to get! #TEAMALEX

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