Monday, May 27, 2013


by Nora
(By the way, sorry about the lack of posts. We are really busy with school!)

Can I start by talking about how lovely this cover is? It's just...perfection. I love how the face in the background is blurry, just like Sera's memory. Out of focus and fuzzy. Also, the eyes! I really like that they made the eyes purple (Violet ;)) to go along with the actual description of Seraphina.

Unremembered follows sixteen-year-old Seraphina (a.k.a. Violet) as she tries to regain her memory after obtaining a serious case of amnesia when she was found at the scene of a plane wreck. Every little piece of new information made my brain want to explode.

I absolutely loved the characters. My favorite was Cody, Sera's younger foster brother. He was just hilarious and reminded me (almost too much) of my friends at school. Nerdy, sarcastic, and adorable. For once, I wasn't so attached to Zen (the romantic interest of Seraphina) that I was super upset when the book was over. I guess that's a good thing. Good for my well-being, anyway. :)

The end of the book was just...what.

what what what what what what what what
(no, this is not a Macklemore reference)

I can't really tell you why I'm like this because I would spoil a lot for you (and I hate writing posts with spoilers), so all I can say is go read the book. I don't like leaving you hanging like that, but...just read it, okay?

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