Monday, January 14, 2013

What In the World Are We Doing?

Well, hello there! We bet you have a ton of questions.

Who are you?

What is this?

Why aardvarks?

What is going on?

We'll get to that. Our names are Kristen and Nora. Let's just get it out there. We love reading. We love writing. We love anything literate. While we try to endure our painful twenty-first century schoolgirl lifestyles, we find time to crack open a good book and fangirl about, mainly, the male characters. We decided to share all our inner thoughts and emotions about all these characters and plot twists and settings and amazing, fabulous authors with the world.We concurred to call ourselves 'aardvarks' because, frankly, they're cute (in cartoons) and weird. Like us. Blogging about books will be an experience to change our lives and widen our eyes to the world of literature.

Will you venture on this journey with us?

-Nora and Kristen

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