Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

     I do realize that The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer tends to be a bit messed up at some parts, but other than that, it's still a favorite for Nora and I .  Mara doesn't know what has been going on since her best friends, Rachel and Claire, and her boyfriend, Jude, died, she's been trying to figure out the cause.  When she moves to Florida to try to forget the unexpected event, she meets Noah, a British, caring, and handsome teenage boy...did I mention he's BRITISH?  He's there to help her to get over everything that has happened and eventually, they fall in love.  She wants to regain her memory of that night and is trouble by the fact that she keeps on seeing someone showing up everywhere she goes and feels as if he's familiar.  One day, Mara, being fed up by her Spanish teacher, pictures her dying.  She is sitting under a tree on campus when someone comes up to her, telling about the teacher.  Mara rushes to the classroom and finds her Spanish teacher lying on the ground, unconscious and not breathing.  She believes that it is a coincidence that that happened.  At night, she has dreams, more like memories while she is sleeping and waking up feeling as if she did something wrong and she can't remember.  She has these insane hallucinations everyday which don't help her at all.  I don't want to give that much away so I'll wrap it up here (though I'm terrible at not giving stuff away when writing about a book I read...).

     When I first read this I was all like fangirling about it (and so did Nora) and my mom thought there was something wrong with me.  My mom took the book away when I was reading it last year and I WAS FREAKING OUT!  She said she was going to read some of it and I was like, "Uhhhh can I have that back...?"  I cried.  It was such a good book...and I'm still waiting for Nora to let me borrow the second in the trilogy, The Evolution of Mara Dyer


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