Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Evolution of Mara Dyer

Gah. I'm writing this post on Saturday (and, yes, I realize Kristen reviewed the first one on Thursday), even though it will go up on Sunday because I can't control my emotions! Aah! I finished The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Michelle Hodkin) today and...I don't know! I don't even know how I feel. I'm not sure if I feel sad or angry or relieved or what! Well, this morning, while reading in bed and only had about 20 more pages to go, my family comes in and pesters me to get out of bed and get dressed so we could go to the gym (I was at a very dramatic part, mind you). I moaned and groaned and wanted no more than 5 minutes of quiet so I could finish the book, but nooooo. My mom ended up taking the book away. GAAAAHHHH. I lay in my bed for some time, whining like a three year old, until I decided to get dressed and sneak into my parents' room to steal the book back.

I sat on the rocking chair in our living room so I could finish the book, and I regretted my decision. lasdjfoiadhfkjahsdkfhaskdflas It was too much! I slammed the book shut, threw it on a stool, curled up into a ball, and forced myself not to cry. I'm not kidding. This book has that effect. Meanwhile, my sister was watching me have this psychotic reaction. All she said was, "Good book?" Good book? Good book? I wanted to rip my hair out! Of course it was a good book! It was an amazing book! I started it Friday morning and finished it Saturday morning. Only books that are my absolute favorites take me two days (sometimes, even one if I stay up until midnight, which is never).  At the gym, I felt strong. Perhaps it was because of my sudden explosion of emotions. I should read awesome books and go to the gym straight after more. 

The third book, The Retribution of Mara Dyer, comes out in October. IT'S TOO FAR AWAY!!! 

Michelle Hodkin told her blog viewers that there would be no ARCs of Retribution. *sigh* That means no contests or giveaways or going Simon & Schuster and begging for one like small puppy dogs. Aw, man.

So, there you have it. Do I suggest the Mara Dyer series? YES. I recommend it to EVERYBODY!!!


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