Thursday, April 11, 2013


By Kristen

Before I start, I would like to explain why there wasn't a post on Sunday or Tuesday.  Let's just say that Nora was being dumb :P She said "Oh yeah but I didn't have time on Sunday" and I told her "Well ya know what I'm not posting till you do." And then she said she was going to post yesterday but "Oh yeah I was packing for Florida, I didn't have time" Excuses, EXCUSES, excuses. So she's sitting in a car bored and all and I told her, "Fine, I'll post today and tomorrow and next week you will have to post THREE TIMES due to her day being Sunday, last Sunday and it's her turn to do Tuesday.  I'm mad at her.  It's her fault!

Sorry for my rant, but I had to get it out there!

 In one of the first chapters, it said that the main character, Pierce, took the written drivers' test forty something times and failed.  All forty something.  I laughed.  I loved this book so much and I'm waiting to finish a ton of other books first before I can read the second book :| You see, there are at least 10 books that I have to finish beofre the end of the school year, June 25, because ya know, they're not mine...

But back to the point: Abandon is a very good book and I've read so many books in between and I can barely remember what happened.  She died and came back.  Then, she met John (Haha! My brother's name spelled differently!) but I won't give away who he was because it would spoil like the whole book and then there's something with her grandmother... And *sigh* I want to go to the library...

Well, That's a wrap! World Book Night on the 23rd this month is at our school! Nora and I are student readers reading two different titles.  If you are in the area of Foxboro, you should come to our World Book Night starting at 6 pm at the Foxborough Regional Charter School.  This would be the second annual Book Night held at FRCS!


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