Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World Book Night 2013

By Kristen

Happy Belated Birthday Shakespeare!
As you might have noticed right up there ^^ you can tell that recently, Shakespeare's birthday passed :) And it was yesterday! Which may or may not have been a coincidence because yesterday was also World Book Night!

This is why there wasn't a post yesterday: tons of setting up, working on our groovy 1970s room, eating pizza, meeting authors, being interviewed about the books we had to read during a panel interview...

We had quite a few rooms and this year, there were many more people than last year which was very exciting.  So in our first grade wing we had Caldecott Award-Winning Authors "Book Talks."  Nora and I really only know about the rooms but not what goes on in them because we were at our 70s room yelling, "Hello people, come to our 70s room, where you can boogie and jive!" But I'll get to that in a bit :)

Then, in the second grade,  there was a Reader's Theater and poetry readings and displays on the bulletin boards.  I was able to get a peek in the room, I saw parents looking at the books displayed on the tables and children looking around, which was a good sign.Then, in the third grade, there were "Poetry Tellers" and book recommendations and poetry comic displays on the bulletin boards.  Which reminds the hallway to the lower school, there were cute poems hanging on the wall and one in particular which I can't really recall, but I wish I did because it was funny!

The fourth grade had the "Poetry Jam Cafe" which I'm pretty sure they read poems out loud (and I don't know much about the other rooms, I was in ours the whole time!)  The fifth and sixth grade volunteers served as tour guides for the guests and they dressed up like the Olympians from Percy Jackson! And it related because one of the books was The Lightning Thief this year.

Us wearing our awesome sunglasses! (That make our faces look fat)

I'll skip the seventh and eighth grade for now and move onto grades 9-12...So for them, they had something to do with digital apps (the Digital Literacy elective) and Spanish Art Installations.  And here's the seventh-eighth grade now...*drum roll please*

          The 1970s Room!!!!!!!

Come to our groovy 70s room! Come and boogie and jive! Notice that random space there.....

This was the best room eva!  Here, we had mini quizzes to test people's knowledge of the 70s and also a small slip of paper: Middle School was the best/worst time of my life because___________.
I really think that the parents and kids enjoyed our room.  We had music, a word wall (that had terms and phrases used in the 70s, such as brickhouse *laughs silently...its an inside joke between me and my friends* which means a hot person, catch you on the flip side: see you later, cat: a cool person, boogie: dance and a ton more).  We had a wall of facts about the 70s also.  It was like our "Phantom Tollbooth time machine, back to middle school!"

Aj Paquette and David Kelly
And then there was the panel interview.  Look at how HUGE that crowd is.  I mean, who wouldn't be nervous about talking in front of that many people?  So basically, we went thought the whole panel (there was a lot of us too) and said our names, grades, the book we read, and the author of the book.  Mine was Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith and Nora read The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

We didn't have to answer every questions asked, but at least one.  Oh yeah, did I mention, we were interviewed about our books by Aj Paquette and David Kelly? Like whoa right there.  Two authors came to our school!

It was AMAZING.  The two authors both talked about how reading shaped their lives and a little bit about what they wrote about in a book they have written.  It couldn't have been any better.

And I've still got stuff to go on about! We had Lucy the R.E.A.D. Dog here.  I got to see her but I didn't get to pet her (haha) because there was a whole bunch of kids gathered around her!  I thought it was a cute thing to have for the younger kids :)
Wow, I've written so much.  I think I'll end it here, and one last thing, if you came to the FRCS World Book Night, thank you for coming!

Nora said the writing on her arm's a Doctor Who thing...Jonathan's just randomly there.....
I was up so late doing my homework....
There were so many free books...most of them were gone by the end...
They also had a raffle! And they were giving away a Kindle! And he  got, sorry I should say won, a book signed by Aj Paquette...Paradox...Jonathan better let me read it...
Volunteers in the event couldn't enter to win.....humph...

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