Friday, April 12, 2013


By Kristen

I honestly thought that this was a really cute book and I loved it a lot! I like the idea a lot and how it has to do with fairy tales (because when I was younger, I loved fairy tales and I still do which might be a bit sad) and the grim reaper (is that supposed to be capitalized or not? *Unsure*)

I need inspiration to finish this post.  My dad bought it for me on my tablet and the second book too, Fairest and I sure hope there's a third because I want to know what happens with Mina and if she and Brody ever get back together because in the first book, like, they were together under a fairy tale and in the end their relationship just stops but Brody still has some sort of memory of her but not really if that made any sense...Sorry for spoiling that part ^.^ and then there's Jared and there's a whole other story behind him.....................................................He's the one that tells her about her ancestry about the whole fairy tales chasing the Grime (Really Grim) family (and I'm pretty sure that's the name)

Her mother tried protecting her from the fairy tales and there's something having to do wiht a mirror (but I can't remember if that was in UnEnchanted or Fairest. Sooooo I think I'll stop there.  I really think that you should read this and I know you'll love it!


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