Thursday, March 7, 2013

City of Bones

By Kristen

      I love this book.  LOVELOVELOVELOVE it.  I do realize that reading in third person isn't really my thing (mostly because when reading something in third person, I can't really experience the story as well as I would if it was in first person where you can experience how the character feels).  I read it last summer before school started and then I went to the library to check out some books (and by some I mean 13), City of Bones being one of them.  It was the first book I picked up right when I got home because it had been on my list for a long time.  This is mainly about Shadowhunters and vampires and werewolves and all that fun stuff which really makes this book one that is a MUST-READ so you better drop whatever you're doing and hit your local bookstore and get this book.  Or else.

     I'm just kidding, but if you have not read it yet, you must.  If you have read (sorry for being repetitive; these books appear in almost every post) Fallen, Beautiful Creatures, or Need, then you will absolutely LOVE this book.  I am not lying.  And the movie is coming out soon! Not really.  But there's only 5 months left....unless I miscounted...

Isabelle, Clary, Jace, Alec
By Ice~Ridden


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